Okay, so the title is misleading. Sue me. Or rather, don’t, because from what I understand, this is actually the easiest way to get rich without really trying, in this litigious era in which we live. I really don’t believe that there really is any way to get rich without really trying, however, being rather tired of trying to support my family with sweat and toil, and having someone else get rich at my expense and effort, I am going to give it a go.

      In this series of articles, I will explore some of the “get rich quick” schemes that I have come across in my stumbling explorations of the mysteries of this whole “e-commerce” phenomena. I will explore such mysteries as “multi-level marketing”, “affiliate marketing”, and as many others as I can find.

     I will begin my research by signing up as an associate of a firm called “GDI”, or Global Domains International. I have researched the company, and been quite impressed by their high quality domain hosting service, their prices, and their really cool and well presented DVD. They don’t seem to fit the bill as a “Get Rich Quick” scheme, as it seems that they don’t promise you the world, and do provide the support you actually need to make a valid go of it. 

     You can check this out at I especially liked the Ferrari in the intr0.

     I will have to wait and see if the promise of this appealing home business pans out. For now I will invest some (a lot) of effort in promoting this well presented and supported company. This is day one of my serious effort, and it has involved researching the company – as I said, it seems quite impressive and dynamic, with a lot of potential for growth – and communicating with my uplink to get more information on how to promote it.

     I will investigate more tomorrow, and begin putting more effort into creating the web site which I hope to use to promote the business. You can check out the page as it is so far at, which is the page I created with the web-creation tools they provided. The page is still under construction, but it should give you some idea of the power of the site-building tools they provide. As I said, I am quite impressed.

     More Anon…


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